Téléflow CTIS: Always the right tyre pressure at all times!

Téléflow tyre pressure control systems monitor and control tyre pressures in-motion.

The primary application is to improve mobility and liaison on the ground, optimizing the contact surface of the tyre according to:

  • The terrain surface (road, sand, fields, track, mud …)
  • The vehicle’s speed
  • The vehicle’s weight and payload

Benefits using the Téléflow CTIS: Improves vehicle mobility:

  • Improves vehicle mobility through difficult terrain
  • Increases footprint on soft ground (sand dunes, wetlands)
  • Limits skidding

Enhances safety and comfort:

  • Detection and compensation of punctures in-motion
  • Reduces risk of tyre burst
  • Reduces shock and vibration

Téléflow valves main benefits:

  • Strict piloting by positive pressure avoid risk of oil extraction in integrated rotating unions.
  • Deflation In the open air directly through the valve which corresponds to a hole inside diameter of 6mm.
  • The piping circuit Is not under pressure when the system is at rest, which gives a long life to the rotating seals. No tyre leak even if the hose is damaged.
  • Wheel by wheel management for a better accuracy, Teleflow valves are completely sealed because they are kept closed by the tyre pressure itself as standard tire valves in rest position.

The Téléflow programmable in-motion control (GRP)

    This tyre pressure control system is particularly well suited to experienced drivers who know the performance of their tyres. The user can programme 4 different terrain settings which can be selected on the LCD control panel. The manual mode allows for accurate real-time adjustment.

Téléflow GRP main benefits:

  • Select by universal pictograms, completely multilingual product CAccess the configuration menu and the manual mode may be.
  • Option to protect each axle and each tyre by use of password.
  • The manual mode allows to adjust the pressure at any time by simply holding down the inflation or deflation button.
  • Access the configuration menu and the manual mode can be protected by means of a password.
  • Automatic pressure and speed check. Audible alarm possible.
  • Numerous settings: language choice, pressure units, vehicle design, backlighting.


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