How to maintain your Rock Monster Wheels

If you want to improve the way your car looks, the obvious way to go is to buy new light alloy wheels. But what happens once you’ve bought and fitted them? They need to be maintained and stored correctly in order to stay in great condition. The same also goes when choosing new tyres and making sure that the air pressure values are correct.


Simple and effective maintenance…

Avoid the use of acidic or alkaline cleaning agents as they can damage the wheels and rims.

Only use cleaning agents on wheels that have cooled down. If the tyres are warm, it may cause a reaction with the surface material which will damage its perfect finish. To remove persistent dirt such as brake shoe residue, use a soft sponge with the cleaning agent to wipe it away. Do not use any other equipment such as brushes or steel wool as these will damage the wheel’s surface.

Avoid spraying any rim cleaning agents on the brake pads or system, and once you have finished cleaning, carry out a quick brake check to remove any possible residue.

When using cleaning agents, please make sure you wear protective gloves to safeguard your skin from any irritation.

Recognising wheel damage…

If you discover any damage to your light alloy wheels, please do not try to correct it yourself. If the wheel can be repaired then this should be carried out by an approved specialist to ensure your continued safe and enjoyable driving pleasure.

Even if the damage appears minimal from the outside, it could have a major effect on the material structure. If you are unsure as to whether or not your wheel is damaged, take it to a specialist to find out. It’s worth it.

If you have a small run in with the curb, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need a completely new wheel. The RMW stainless steel rim protectors have been developed so that parts can be replaced individually without having to remove or replace the entire wheel.


The Rodgard System allows the vehicle to
be driven with one or more flat tyres…


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