About Rock Monster Wheels

Rock Monster Wheels for the ultimate on-road off-road driving experience. Unlike conventional beadlocks that use a locking ring and modified outer bead, Rock Monster Wheels uses unique construction to allow positive locking of both inner and outer beads, where a solid rubber sleeve sits between the two beads. Discover the many advantages of Rock Monster Wheels:

  • Sealing in air and sealing out foreign materials such as dirt, sand and water
  • Maintaining vehicle mobility and maneuverability
  • Preventing the tyre from spinning on the rim
  • Preserving tyre life and performance

Rock Monster Wheels are developed for wheeled military vehicles, such as the HUMVEE and heavy articulated transport vehicles. Civilian versions of the beadlock insert have been developed for a number of vehicle makes, including Toyota, Jeep and Chevrolet.


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